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Employee Global Logistics

Employee Global Logistics  


Affordable solutions to help corporate Talent Globalization teams manage international assignments.

PZI International

Easy-to-understand talent globalization lifecycle design for managing international assignments and foreign employees

  • Use contract or policy profiles to automate location information, allowances, benefits, required documents, and internal charging data when adding new assignments/jobs

  • Simultaneously add a new employee and assignment to save time

  • Automatically compose assignment letters on your company’s templates

  • Assignment action alerts to keep your team on task

  • Document storage throughout the organizational structure, assignments, and employees


Robust visibility over expatriate and foreign workforce data

  • Configurable Quick View of an employee’s important assignment/job data fields

  • View aggregated data from multiple assignments on the Employee Detail page

  • Instant headcount summaries based on configurable filters for your organization

  • Push-button reports built to meet the needs of your organization


Compliant security controls for your global business

  • Individual user accounts with historical change logging

  • Hosted on a FedRAMP authorized platform meeting High Impact Level Security Categorization

  • Meets Moderate Baseline Security Controls according to U.S. Government requirements for nonfederal information systems

  • Meets European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations for PII


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